Lipid Studies Testing Webinar

This coming Wednesday I will be giving a talk on Lipid Studies testing.  Lipid studies is one of those tests that most practitioners may think they know a lot about.  But once you start to scratch the surface, the intricacies of lipid and lipoprotein testing go a lot further. 

The way our body’s metabolise, utilize and store lipids is truly fascinating.  Most of us are very effective fat storing machines!  But the way in which we use and store triglycerides and cholesterol is where the true magic lies and in some cases, where disease lies.

Genetics plays a more than significant role on how we use lipids and the kinds of lipoproteins that we produce as a means of transporting those lipids.  That is what I endeavour to teach in my webinar on Lipid Studies and expand further upon in the Lipid Studies Course.  

Understanding the background of a marker can mean that you as a practitioner are better able to understand the implications of that marker being out of balance.  Because those markers can be the small clue that unlocks a whole system or chain reaction of issues that will one day lead to disease.  By understanding this and taking steps to correct it, you can be the practitioner that helps to point your patient to the right path.

This is particularly important with the rise in understanding that the roots of heart disease usually begin in the 20s and 30s of a patient’s life.

Acting upon subtle clues in a Lipid Studies test alongside clinical signs such as:

  • Steady increases in blood pressure
  • Steady increases in pulse rate
  • Increased vascularity
  • Mild edema 
  • Orthostatic blood pressure issues
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Circulation problems (cold feet and hands, problems with tissue repair and hair growth on the extremities) 

Just to name a few.  Obviously cardiovascular health is fundamental to all other systems of the body.  So whether you specialize in fertility health, thyroid health, skin health, whatever.  All of these systems are impacted by issues with lipid metabolisation, utilization and storage.

So understanding this test in a deeper way is vital.  If you haven’t yet, go here to register for the lipid studies webinar.  Or if you would like to complete a certificate in Lipid Studies testing head here to enroll/  I look forward to seeing you in my classroom.