About Us

PLE is dedicated to helping natural medicine practitioners better understand and utilize pathology testing in clinical practice.

We create real world online pathology testing education courses that help practitioners better understand testing. We want our practitioner/student practitioners to feel confident referring for and understanding testing in their practice.

Our courses are taught from the point of view of the practitioner and we strive to teach you what is going to be practical and useful in helping your patients.

We also want our practitioners to enjoy learning about this valuable resource and gain a hands on perspective on how to use pathology testing better. This is why we also offer tutoring as well.

Who are we?

Jasmine King

Director & Senior Lecturer

Jasmine is the founder and primary lecturer for Path Lab Education. She is an experienced Naturopathic/Nutrition practitioner and Pathology Testing consultant with over a decade of experience in the health industry. Jasmine’s knowledge and expertise comes from working as a Functional Pathology Supervisor and Technical Consultant at Healthscope /Australian Clinical Labs; and as a Naturopathic/Nutrition practitioner in clinical practice where she has helped patients with a myriad of different health conditions. Jasmine has spent many years mentoring health students and practitioners in the use of pathology testing in clinical practice, and has given talks on pathology testing and integrative health at health and medical conferences around Australia.
Jasmine was inspired to develop PLE after continually seeing practitioners and students struggle with pathology testing in clinical practice. Jasmine wanted to be able to offer practical online courses, webinars and distance mentoring to practitioners all over Australia.

Christian Ancora

Technical Manager

Christian is the Technical Support Manager and Chief Editor for Path Lab Education.
Christian helps to keep courses running smoothly and supports students when there are technical issues. Christian also develops and edits all video and audio content here at PLE. Christian is one of the primary developers of the PLE platform and course creation.
Christian’s knowledge and experience comes from many years working in Universities, providing IT support, administration and application development. Christian has been the chief technical officer on a number of research projects for Monash University, performing development, maintenance, and consulting roles.

Christian is a keen advocate of the integrative medicine industry and is passionate about using his skills to help improve the skill and ability of integrative practitioners in Australia.

Admin & Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of administrators helping to support our students and answer queries about courses and mentoring.
Our Admin team do their best to provide efficient and effective support whenever our current and prospective students need it.