How to Write a GP Test Referral Letter Webinar

Not long now until our webinar on how to write a GP test referral!

This has been a heavily requested webinar by our members and we are happy to deliver.  This is an important topic because it can be daunting as a natural medicine practitioner, communicating with your patient’s GP.

Knowing what to write and how to write it can feel intimidating.  Particularly as how you write your letter can be the difference between whether the patient’s GP is happy to help or not.   

So here at Path Lab Education we’ve created a webinar to help clarify the best practices for writing a referral letter to make your clinic life a little easier.

The information and case studies shared in this webinar come from real life clinical experience.  The best practices shared in this talk come from years of trial and error and a refining of an invaluable method of professional practitioner communication.

You’ll get to see how real cases panned out after the use of a referral letter and how these letters are set out for different kinds of cases and circumstances.

We are excited to continue providing useful webinars, courses and mentoring to help you in your practice!

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